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Payroll Based Nursing Home Staffing Information Now Available

 In the past, all data on nursing home staffing was basically reported to the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).  CMS then posted that information on the Nursing Home Compare website.  Staffing levels found there were entirely self-reported by the nursing homes themselves with no outside verification of those figures.  In 2017, CMS began collecting and disseminating staffing data for U.S. nursing homes through direct day-by-day actual payroll data.  This makes the current information, while still not perfect, much more reliable than anything we previously had. CMS is posting this data by quarter.  The most recent quarter posted was the third quarter of 2017 (July 1-September 30).



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 Voices Advocate’s Handbook Now Available  

Paperback ($12.00),ebook ($4.99) This book is intended as a reference tool for long-term care advocates. It contains the identifying codes (F-Tags, F-540, etc.) for the new and reorganized federal regulations, selected Maryland and Washington DC laws & regulations, common acronyms, definitions, HIPAA regulations, and federal long-term care ombudsman regulations. Proceeds provide funding for Voices for Quality Care.




Massachusetts July 1, 2016: How much of the nursing home profits are Medicaid and Medicare funds paying for?   How much goes to lobbying fees?  Massachusetts is not unique.  Click here to read the Boston Globe article.AA-Newsletter12-2017


A Major Voices 2017 project is working toward finally obtaining full enforcement of nursing home regulations.  We begin with the right to access nursing home records and the right to have visitors 24/7.  If you have had problems seeing or getting copies of nursing home records, or if you have had problems with nursing homes trying to establish visiting hours, please, click here to tell us  your story!