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National Report on Recurring Deficiencies in U.S. Nursing Homes covering all states, territories, and the District of Columbia valid August, 2016. click here view these reports

New Federal Nursing Home Rules:  

Voices for Quality Care has published an updated addendum to our Handbook.  This book New Rules for Nursing Home Care, 2017  includes the most critical of the new nursing home regulations along with selected new Ombudsman Program rules.  It is available in both paperback ($8.99) and ebook($3.49) versions at  These are the rules that give specific rights to everyone living in U.S. nursing homes and those who love them.  An extensive Table of Contents lets you page directly to regulations useful in particular situations.  In the ebook version, the Table of Contents is clickable and will take you directly to the selected regulations.  click here view purchase options

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A Major Voices 2017 project is working toward finally obtaining full enforcement of nursing home regulations.  We begin with the right to access nursing home records and the right to have visitors 24/7.  If you have had problems seeing or getting copies of nursing home records, or if you have had problems with nursing homes trying to establish visiting hours, please, click here to tell us  your story!

Massachusetts July 1, 2016: How much of the nursing home profits are Medicaid and Medicare funds paying for?   How much goes to lobbying fees?  Massachusetts is not unique.  Click here to read the Boston Globe article.