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A place for long-term care information, support, and solutions from the perspective of those who have been there. If you or your loved one are experiencing difficulty in obtaining the care you deserve, please call our Voices Anna Spinella Helpline 24/7 at 888-600-2375 or email Voices Help to connect with a Voices Volunteer. All of our services are free.

New Care Issue: Recurring Fire and Health Deficiencies

Many nursing homes have been cited for the same health or fire deficiencies for each of the past 3 years. Click here to view The Coalition for Quality Care exclusive reports listing nursing homes with recurring deficiencies in all U.S. states.

Recurring health deficiencies in Maryland and Washington, D.C. nursing homes. Click here to see the list of Maryland nursing homes. Click here to see the list of Washington, D.C. nursing homes.








Long-Term Care: Do you know your rights?

These things and many more are explained in the Handbook for Voices for Quality Care.Click here to view on

Two New Voices for Quality Care Initiatives!

First: The new Handbook for Voices for Quality Care covers many aspects of long-term care. It includes federal regulations for nursing homes and offers hints on how to make sure they are enforced. It gives advice in dealing with the staff along with hints on working with the Ombudsman Programs and the State Survey Agencies. It provides advice and a checklist for people moving out of nursing homes and into home and community-based care. It lists resources and tactics for solving problems in assisted living situations. The Handbook is intended to give Voices Volunteers guidelines for both individual and systemic advocacy as well as serving as a reference material for many of the issues we regularly see in long-term care situations. We hope that it also answers many of the questions that people entering a long-term care situation and their loved ones quickly face. The Handbook is available in two versions. The Paperback version is $24.53, the eBook version is $4.99. Both have an extensive Table of Contents to take you right to the information you are seeking.

Click here for more information on the Handbook.