§ 19-1410.2. Annual assessment of workplace safety issues. 

   (a) “Workplace safety” defined. — In this section, “workplace safety” means the prevention of any physical assault or threatening behavior against an employee in a nursing home.

(b) Applicability. — This section applies to nursing homes that are licensed for 45 beds or more.

(c) In general. — Each nursing home shall assign to an appropriate committee the task of:

   (1) Conducting an annual assessment of workplace safety issues; and

   (2) Making recommendations to the nursing home for reducing workplace injuries.

(d) Consultations. — In conducting an annual assessment of workplace safety issues, the committee assigned to conduct the assessment under subsection (c)(1) of this section shall consult with geriatric nursing assistants and other employees of the nursing home who are involved in assisting residents with activities of daily living.

      HISTORY: 2014, ch. 510.