§ 19-1401.1. Application 

  • (a) Contents. — In addition to the requirements for licensure of a related institution as provided in this title, an applicant for initial licensure or relicensure of a nursing home shall include in the application the identity of:
    • (1) Any person with an ownership interest in the nursing home; and
    • (2) Any management company, landlord, or other business entity that will operate or contract with the applicant to manage the nursing home.
  • (b) Initial licensure — Evidence. — An applicant for initial licensure shall submit to the Secretary or the Secretary’s designee evidence:
    • (1) That affirmatively demonstrates the ability of the applicant to comply with minimum standards of:
      • (i) Medical care;
      • (ii) Nursing care;
      • (iii) Financial condition; and
      • (iv) Other applicable State or federal laws and regulations; and
    • (2) Regarding the regulatory compliance history and financial condition of any health care facility owned or operated by the applicant in other jurisdictions.
  • § 19-1401.2. Approval or denial of application 

    On review of the information required under § 19-1401.1 of this subtitle and any other information that is relevant to the ability of the applicant to operate a nursing home, the Secretary may:

    (1) Approve an application for a license or license renewal;

    (2) Deny an application for a license or license renewal; or

    (3) Approve an application for license or license renewal subject to conditions.

    HISTORY: 2008, ch. 686.

    § 19-1401.3. Change in financial condition 

    • (a) Report. — A licensee shall report to the Secretary or the Secretary’s designee any significant change in the financial condition of the nursing home, including cash flow or any other circumstances that could adversely affect the nursing home’s delivery of essential services to patients, including nursing services, dietary services, and utilities.
    • (b) Confidentiality. — Except as provided by subsection (c) of this section, any information obtained by the Secretary under this section is confidential and may not be disclosed without the consent of the licensee.
    • (c) Exclusions. — The provisions of subsection (b) of this section do not apply to:
      • (1) The holder of a license that has been suspended or revoked; or
      • (2) The use of information in:
        • (i) An administrative proceeding initiated by the Department; or
        • (ii) A judicial proceeding.

HISTORY: 2008, ch. 686.